7 Idols Who Are Surprisingly Different Off Stage


Entertainment companies have a significant role when it comes to sculpting their K-Pop idols from head to toe for us to idolize and enjoy. But as a K-Pop fan, it is our guilty pleasure to indulge in the personal lives of our idols to see what they are like when they are off stage. From their silly mistakes and 4-dimensional mindsets to the contrasting personalities on and off stage, we realize that there is much more than what meets the eye when it comes to our favorite K-Pop idols. 

Sure, idols may appear fierce and sexy on stage, but they could just be a bunch of dorks once they’re done performing.  You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, especially when what’s underneath might be a lot more delightful and refreshing than we expected it to be. 

Check out who has the most contrasting image on stage versus off stage!

Block B’s Zico


There is no doubt that Zico looks like someone who knows how to play… hard. With his eccentric looks and undeniable charisma on stage, Zico frightens even his biggest fans who stated that they were just “too scared to approach Zico.” But apparently, he is a classic case of a workaholic. According to his close acquaintances, all Zico talks about is work, work, work!

4Minute’s HyunA


A natural seductress; the Betty Boop of Korea; the ‘It’ female idol. These are all what on-stage HyunA is widely known for. But what we also love about HyunA is that she has an alter ego that shows off a totally different charm when she is not performing on stage. Her bubbly personality accentuated by her undeniable aegyo is something that we don’t expect from the girl we saw on stage. HyunA is also known to exude very innocent and ordinary (but still pretty) charms during her personal time.


Big Bang’s T.O.P


Aside from his charismatic on-stage presence, it was revealed that this hunk of a leader has a rather silly nickname, Bingu. If you ever watched T.O.P on stage, you would automatically assume that he must be dripping with swag and would have much more weight and seriousness. But in contrast to his heavy stage presence, T.O.P breaks out of his tough shell off stage with a silly grin on his face while tapping into his little boy persona.

A Pink’s Eunji


Unlike HyunA who is fierce on stage and bubbly off, Eunji is the total opposite.  She has the sweet and innocent girl group image on stage as she prances around with the girls of A Pink. With her slight winks and eyes shaped like crescent moons, Eunji flirts with her fans with her best cutesy face forward. But off stage, Eunji is known to have a tough alpha-girl persona complemented by her harsh native Busan accent. This side of Eunji you can also see in many of her drama roles such as ‘Reply 1994’ and ‘That Winter, The Wind Blows’.

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon


Very similarly to T.O.P, Lee Joon is (dare I say…) the sexiest member of MBLAQ. Flashing his sexy chocolate abs on stage with his mesmerizing gaze would make any fangirls (and fanboys) squeal with the feels. But off stage, Lee Joon shows that there is a much more ditzy and contrasting side beyond his stage image. However, the youthful, innocent, and sometimes naive side of Lee Joon is what ultimately attracts us to him.



As the face in charge of the visual and charisma of the group, INFINITE’s L is known for his breathtakingly good looks and his unfaltering sexy smirk on stage. Little did we know, L actually has an alter ego from the countryside named Myungsoo. From time to time we get to see a glimpse of the 4-dimensional Myungsoo breaking out from his perfectly sculpted idol image as L. This particular phenomena can be described as, ‘Cosplay L’.



Belting out “I like you oppa, what should I do” in her hit song, “Good Day,” IU quickly rose to the top of the list as the nation’s next younger sister and was adored by many uncle fans. However, as she gradually made her way into appearing on variety shows, we were shocked to see that IU was not so child-like as she seemed. For one, IU does not have a cute, high-pitched voice that we all thought she would have. Actually, it’s quite deep. And her unexpected comments such as, “When girls are rushing to go out, they sometimes only wash their bangs,” shows that she has a hidden tomboy, easy-going, and surprisingly mature personality behind her baby face.”

Source : allkpop

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